Buying a camera

So, I am thinking about buying a camera. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I am very excited for it. So last weekend, I went with my dad for a walk with his camera to shoot. He taught me how to take pictures with nice lines in it and good lighting.

I was very excited to experiment with the camera. Every day, when I cycle to school, I see beautiful places with amazing lighting. Everybody else is irritated while cycling to school (because it’s morning and they are on their way to school, so I understand!) But I’m very excited to shoot again!

My dad and I have made lots of pictures. Here are a few examples:

So which picture do you like better and why? Picture two is a much better picture because there isn’t too much ‘noise’ in the background. The left picture has too much distraction on the top. Also in the right picture, the lighting reflects much better on the water. So what do you want in the picture? Search for the right image.

These two pictures are made at the same moment! Both pictures are okay, but which one is better. It depends. What is your aim? Do you want to show the sky with a weird shadow in front of to make it more interesting? Choose picture 1. Or do you want to show this weird structure? Then choose picture 2. Lighting is a big deal when shooting a picture.

And again, this is the same car but from a different angle. Picture 1 has a really nice reflection and picture 2 (haha it’s not even in focus) is very boring. So the angle is also a thing to pay attention to.

Another thing to pay attention to is backlight and ‘normal’ light. For example:

And again it depends which picture is better. It depends on taste and use. But it is definitely interesting.

At last, the equipment you use makes a difference. The picture on the right was made with my phone and the picture on the left with the camera.

So I learned this, and a lot of other stuff, from my dad. I had a lot of fun shooting. I don’t know what kind of camera I want to buy yet. I’ll do my research. I’ll post more about this when I know more




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