Kingsday 2018

Some people love Kingsday, like they really love it, and others just hate it. I’m one of the lovers. I mean I don’t really like monarchy, but Kingsday is like cozy and sweet. I love a flea market. Also, the little kids who sell cupcakes or play music are too cute!

So me and my friend, we were ready at 7 pm. With ready I mean we were in the Watergraafsmeer. We were ready for thrifting. We had definitely a lot of fun and I bought some really good stuff for cheap. This year I wanted to buy a lot of branded clothing for cheap. Brand clothing is so expensive, but the quality is so good!

I think I achieved the desired result. Here a try-on-haul:

So I got these shoes for like €1,50. They are a bit small, but I think they’re so cute! They WERE completely white (until I wore them, oops), but I also like them a bit worn off. Besides, everyone has a pair of Stan Smiths or something like that, so I couldn’t stay behind, right? two years late, good job, Hanna!


This is a really oversized Levi’s sweater, but you can’t even see the logo,

because it’s the same colour (and it’s pretty small). Doesn’t matter right?

actually, it does. A bit though. I still like this sweater hahaha confusionnnn. It was like €1,50. I don’t really remember.

*screaming for the next one*


And again an oversized item. Like nothing fits me, so I just always say that’s how it is supposed to be. Like no, it’s supposed to fit. I lie to everyone, including myself, so maybe one day I’ll believe it myself.

Some of my friends say that it looks like the Levi’s logo is projected on the shirt. Do you see it? When you see it, you can’t unsee it! This shirt was like €1,00

Oh and this picture is like really overexposed. Who cares? (haha I do actually)


Fun fact: I just tug everything in my pants so it looks like it fits. It’s all a big lieeee. So this is an eh how do people call these? I’m certain it’s grey, it has long sleeves and a v neck. Nice, Hanna. It was €1,00

Good story.

So next I got like three sports cardigans and a sports shirt. I know, they’re not like super nice, but they were like really cheap so I’m going to wear them in my room hehe.
 I like this one. I mean it’s really ordinary. Who cares? €1,00

 Mwah, I don’t like the colours. This one suits perfectly though, really cozy. €1,50

 Haha it’s a football shirt. For a boy. It’s Nike. €1,00

 I think this is the least beautiful one. It’s ugly. The picture isn’t even sharp. €1,00


So now I have to go all the way downstairs to get my denim jacket. Ugh.

That was enough moving for today.

oh and again, it doesn’t even fit. The sleeves have been rolled up. It was like €1,50

Yeah that was all. This was all fun and stuff, but now the aftermath:

I have to reorganise my whole closet now. (The cleaning lady comes tomorrow)


That’s all!

I’ll post more regularly. I’m sorry it took so long!

xx Hanna

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